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Weekend bags



Brown weekend bag ⎪ Old Tuscany ⎪ ChiarugiBrown weekend bag ⎪ Old Tuscany ⎪ Chiarugi
Green weekend bag ⎪ChiarugiGreen weekend bag ⎪Chiarugi
Green weekend bag ⎪Chiarugi Discount price€449,00
Dark brown leather bag with side pockets⎪ TLDark brown leather bag with side pockets⎪ TL
Dark brown large leather bag ⎪OsloDark brown large leather bag ⎪Oslo
Dark brown large leather bag ⎪Oslo Discount price€379,00
Light brown large leather bag ⎪OsloLight brown large leather bag ⎪Oslo
Brown large leather bag ⎪ OsloBrown large leather bag ⎪ Oslo
Brown large leather bag ⎪ Oslo Discount price€379,00
Dark brown weekend bag ⎪ TL VoyagerDark brown weekend bag ⎪ TL Voyager
Sold outHoney-colored weekend bag⎪TL VoyagerHoney-colored weekend bag⎪TL Voyager
Large light brown weekend bag⎪ LisbonaLarge light brown weekend bag⎪ Lisbona
Dark brown large weekend bag⎪ LisbonaDark brown large weekend bag⎪ Lisbona
Honey-colored large weekend bag⎪ LisbonaHoney-colored large weekend bag⎪ Lisbona
Black large weekend bag ⎪ LisbonaBlack large weekend bag ⎪ Lisbona
Black large weekend bag ⎪ Lisbona Discount price€369,00
Brown large weekend bag⎪ LisbonaBrown large weekend bag⎪ Lisbona
Brown large weekend bag⎪ Lisbona Discount price€369,00
Large brown leather bag⎪TL VoyagerLarge brown leather bag⎪TL Voyager
Large brown leather bag⎪TL Voyager Discount price€499,00
Sold outBlack large leather bag ⎪TL VoyagerBlack large leather bag ⎪TL Voyager
Sold outLarge dark brown leather bag⎪TL VoyagerLarge dark brown leather bag⎪TL Voyager
Large Leather Bag⎪Cognac ⎪ TL VoyagerLarge Leather Bag⎪Cognac ⎪ TL Voyager
Sold outBrown weekend bag⎪ Porto ⎪Tuscany LeatherBrown weekend bag⎪ Porto ⎪Tuscany Leather

Weekend bags

A weekend bag is an excellent choice for travelers. In our collection, you will find large weekend bags as well as leather suitcases. A leather weekend bag is almost an eternal accessory that can hold everything you need for a few days' trip.

The weekend bag is very stylish for a man who wants to travel in style. In the collection, you will find bags in different colors; the dark brown leather bag is a classic choice and it stands the test of time year after year. The light brown or cognac-colored bag is suitable for an active man who wants to stand out positively. 

The weekend bag is designed to be a convenient size, allowing you to easily carry items for a couple of days' trip. The bags come with a long strap that makes it easy to carry the leather bag on your shoulder. We carefully select leather bags from manufacturers who use the best available materials and whose undeniable craftsmanship is evident in every bag.

If you travel a lot by plane, it is worth considering the size of the weekend bag so that it qualifies as carry-on luggage. Most of our collection is suitable for carry-on, but it is advisable to check this with each airline separately. The advantage of a soft leather bag is that it is easy to place in the airplane's overhead compartment or under the seat.

When designing a weekend bag, practicality is always taken into account so that the bag is easy to pack and unpack, and necessary items can be found quickly. Some models have separate pockets on the outside where you can easily slip in your passport or phone. 

The leather weekend bag is very durable in use. We recommend treating the leather bag a couple of times a year with leather conditioner, which will make the bag last for decades. 

When you want a high-quality and durable weekend bag, the choice is definitely a bag made of genuine leather. From our wide selection of leather bags, you are sure to find the perfect and functional model and color for yourself.  

Personal, high-quality, and stylish leather weekend bags for every occasion can be found with us!