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Floris London

Floris is a brand where the best ingredients create perfect fragrances for gentlemen. Scent is invisible, but it has the power to evoke old memories and shape new ones - that's why it's especially important to focus on this detail. Floris fragrances are made with special sensitivity from high-quality ingredients and are the perfect choice to bring a touch of everyday luxury.

The perfect perfume is created with hundreds of years of experience

Floris was born almost 300 years ago, when Juan Famenia Floris created his first fragrance and wrote the instructions in his leather-bound book. New recipes were still written in that book and today that book is stored in Jermyn Street in London in Floris' vault. That book still serves as an inspiration when Floris creates new fragrances, all of which pass under Edward Bodenham's nose as acceptable.

Edward represents the ninth generation of the Floris family, and thus continues the traditional skills that he has learned from his grandfather. Products are still manufactured today in those same premises on Jermy street. In addition, manufacturing is currently also carried out in production facilities in Devon, England.

The products are made using the finest essential oils and essences collected from around the world. Skilled Floris employees are proud of every drop that goes into Floris perfumes. Floris has described the making of fragrances as if it were composing a symphony, creating a perfect balance between art and science, whose elegance is based on strong experience, not just skill.

Perfect fragrances are created from high-quality raw materials

Floris London has always sourced the best raw materials from which it creates perfect compositions for fragrances. All essential oils are developed over years and come from long-term and reliable suppliers. ​The raw material suppliers are part of the Floris "family" who closely monitor the quality of each harvest to ensure high quality raw materials. The wonderful scents of Floris are created from high-quality and best raw materials.

Floris fragrances are full of emotions and character and personality. The fragrances are built around a unique lnatural concept and they ensure that the production chain of raw materials is short. You could say that the scents come directly from the farm to Floris' use, from which they refine wonderful entities.

The skill makes Floris' fragrances special

Making perfume cannot be learned from books. It is the sum total of extensive expertise and tradition, developed carefully, drop by drop through experience and instinct. Deep respect for heritage and enthusiasm for new experiences creates new types of fragrances suitable for today that reflect our current culture. Floris has the so-called a perfume team that finds new innovative solutions around years of perfume heritage.

Each perfume is carefully "crafted" and contains the finest ingredients. Even though Floris' fragrances are Eau De Toilettes and the concentration percentage is mild, it is still enough to cover the whole day. When applying a couple of sprays in the morning, it still smells good on the skin even in the evening. Quality is recognized by this feature, the fragrance is made from orthodox good ingredients and therefore it stays on the skin for a long time.

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