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Papillon Miró

The beautiful Papillon Miró bows come to us handmade from Sicily, made by a young Italian woman, Miriana. Behind every Papillon Míro bow lies a long design phase and a careful selection of fabrics. With a bow tie, you complete a stylish ensemble and it is a great accessory to express the wearer's personality.

Bow ties were born from a passion for fashion and beauty

Miriana, who works in the hotel industry during her day job, spends her free time creating unique bows, building combinations that are more elegant than the other, and paying special attention to perfecting the details.

Papillon Míro was born from Miriana's passion for fashion and the desire to create something that somehow represented her creativity and detail-oriented personality. The source of inspiration is the country, Sicily, where there are plenty of colors and scents that give rise to new ideas every day.

Great fabrics create the perfect bow

Miriana goes to choose the wonderful fabrics for making bows herself from the Italian clothiers, using and recycling the scraps left over from them. In this way, the "waste pieces" left over from the manufacture of clothes get a new, glorious life.

Papillon Míro's bows really stand out. High-quality fabrics such as silk, upholstery fabrics, velvet, recycled and vintage fabrics are used in the production. The pattern of the bow takes shape when Miriana has chosen the fabric. The final shape is based on the color, patterns and structure of the fabric, and the result of these results is a bow that emphasizes the beauty of the fabric down to every detail.

Unique bows are personal

Each Mirò Papillon is carefully handcrafted down to every detail. Bow ties are unique pieces. A Papillon produced in this way can even become a collector's item for lovers of these fine accessories. As in the oldest Italian artisan traditions, the handmade product allows to polish every small detail and to respect the color and patterns of the fabrics, making each piece unique.

All stages of the project, from fabric selection to design and creation, labeling and packaging, are carried out with great care, but above all with passion for Papillon Míro. The result is unmistakable, stylish and carefully handcrafted, where tailoring together with creativity and artistry make each creation unique.

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