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Chester Jefferies

Chester Jefferies is a manufacturer of high-quality leather gloves from England. Chester Jefferies focuses carefully on choosing good quality leathers for its products and invests significantly in quality so that the finished products are long-lasting, stylish and comfortable to wear.

 A selection of designed leather gloves and driving gloves

In the boutique's selection, we want to offer a selection of leather gloves that meets the needs of even the most demanding gentleman, so the leather gloves are made to order from customers in Saarni's boutique. Our selection includes soft winter gloves made of sheepskin and winter gloves made of valuable deerskin with wool linings that keep your hands warm in winter. The driving gloves are made with color combinations that we design ourselves, offering a unique selection of driving gloves. Driving gloves are made of sheepskin or deerskin.

We choose suitable leathers and their combinations from the leather palette. Bright colors are the driving gloves arriving for the spring season. For the winter season, we choose more restrained color combinations from which warm winter gloves are made.

The long history of the family business

Chester Jefferies founded the glove manufacturing company that bears his name together with Gilbert Pearce in 1936. However, the Jefferies family is a much older glove manufacturing family, as the first Jefferies gloves were made already in the 1820s.

Gloves are made in Gillingham, Dorset, England. In glove manufacturing, it has been a tradition that some of the work steps can be done at the employee's home, although nowadays an increasingly large part of the work is done at Chester Jefferies' own premises.


In the production of driving gloves, there are many work steps that are done purely by hand. The leather is cut by hand and even some of the models are sewn entirely by hand. The deer leather gloves in the boutique's selection are made by hand sewing so that the stitching is part of the design. Most of the gloves are cut and sewn from 16 pieces, some models have so-called quirk pieces or diamond pieces between the fingers. Pieces between the fingers are a sure sign of a quality glove. The piece gives more space between the fingers, so it guarantees the durability of the gloves.

Unlike most gloves on the market today, Chester Jefferies gloves are made from leathers that are individually inspected and prepared before being cut by hand.

It is this careful preparation and the traditional manufacturing methods used by the company's craftsmen that guarantee the perfect fit and excellent performance of these fine English gloves. A blend of these traditional manufacturing skills and the use of strict quality control methods produce the finest leather gloves.

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