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Tummansininen silkkihuivi villavuorilla ⎪ Blevio ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummansininen silkkihuivi villavuorilla ⎪ Blevio ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Oranssi kuviollinen silkkihuivi villavuorilla ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliOranssi kuviollinen silkkihuivi villavuorilla ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Burgundi ascot- huivi isolla sinisellä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliBurgundi ascot- huivi isolla sinisellä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Burgundi ascot- huivi sinisellä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliBurgundi ascot- huivi sinisellä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Oranssi rusetti pienellä kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliOranssi rusetti pienellä kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Oranssi rusetti⎪ Giorgio RedaelliOranssi rusetti⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Oranssi solmio⎪ Giorgio RedaelliOranssi solmio⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummanvihreä paisley solmio⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummanvihreä paisley solmio⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Kapeat vihreät henkselit⎪ BrucleKapeat vihreät henkselit⎪ Brucle
Pyöreät siniset / oranssit kalvosinnapit⎪ Tinti Matteo VenicePyöreät siniset / oranssit kalvosinnapit⎪ Tinti Matteo Venice
Ruskea ruudullinen villahuivi⎪ AntartideRuskea ruudullinen villahuivi⎪ Antartide
Tummanvihreä paisley taskuliina⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummanvihreä paisley taskuliina⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummansiniset raidalliset henkselit ⎪ BrucleTummansiniset raidalliset henkselit ⎪ Brucle
Tummanvihreä kuviollinen taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummanvihreä kuviollinen taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummanvihreä taskuliina pienellä kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummanvihreä taskuliina pienellä kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Punainen taskuliina tummansinisellä kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliPunainen taskuliina tummansinisellä kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummanpunainen kuviollinen taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummanpunainen kuviollinen taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Punainen taskuliina isolla kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliPunainen taskuliina isolla kuviolla ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Burgundi paisley taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummansininen paisley taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummansininen paisley taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Punainen paisley taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliPunainen paisley taskuliina ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Musta taskuliina kultaisella kuviolla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliMusta taskuliina kultaisella kuviolla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummansininen taskuliina vihreällä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummansininen taskuliina vihreällä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Punainen kuviollinen silkkihuivi villavuorilla ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliPunainen kuviollinen silkkihuivi villavuorilla ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli


Stylish men's accessories complete outfits, adding more color and details if needed. With different accessories, you can create ready-made ensembles that are more personal and suit your own style.

Accessories are definitely the fastest and easiest way to change the look of different outfits, brighten up or freshen up old clothes, or just make an outfit suitable for the season or weather.

Multipurpose accessories

Accessories are a really versatile part of men's clothing. They are just as easy to add to different ensembles as they are to take them off or replace them if necessary. A colorful and gaudy neck scarf brings a bit of a twist to everyday wear, on a more festive occasion you can change the scarf to, for example, a silky, more restrained version, in cold weather a scarf made of warm materials is a smart choice, and when the weather warms up, it's time to change to a lighter one. So different scarves not only bring a new look or color to outfits, but also warm or protect from the sun, for example, if necessary.

In addition to elegance and appearance, accessories often also have a very practical purpose. An umbrella is a good example of this! It's a classic and stylish piece of clothing that protects from any weather, whenever needed.

Winter gloves complete your outfit in cold weather and keep you warm in freezing weather, Driving gloves are a very stylish part of men's clothing in the off-season but also guarantee year-round driving pleasure for those who enjoy driving.

Like gloves and scarves, flat caps and hats also warm the head in cold weather or protect from the sun in the summer, while making every outfit you decide to add it to, instantly more well-groomed and stylish.

Multipurpose suspenders and belts are part of almost every man's daily dressing, of course they keep the pants on, but they are also a very traditional and easy way to complete the outfit for both everyday life and parties.

Accessories included both in everyday life and at parties

Accessories belong equally strongly to everyday wear as well as party clothes. With different accessories, you create ready-made ensembles that are more personal and suitable for your own style and situation.

Even a more relaxed outfit can quickly conjure up a bit of a festive look by choosing the right accessories. Bow ties, ties, handkerchiefs and cufflinks bring detail, color and festiveness to ensembles. For example, from a casual blazer, collared shirt and pants combination that works for everyday life, you can get a party-appropriate one by adding a tie or bow to the collared shirt and a handkerchief matching the colors in the little jacket pocket. 

A white handkerchief with a suit is always a safe choice, but an orange handkerchief  for example with a blue suit is a stylish and colorful option. There are many possibilities and options! By experimenting, you will find the options that suit your style.