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Flat capit / lätsät

Flat cap

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Flat capit / lätsät

Flat cap

Flat Cap is an excellent hat for a man who wants a casual but stylish hat. Flat cap is an excellent choice for leisure wear and today it is often used in business casual wear. The flat cap has a small cap and lining fabric.

Flat capes made of different materials can be worn all year round. You should definitely have a few different types of these hats, which will allow you to complete every outfit easily. With nice colors, patterns and details, you can get a twist in dressing.

A linen flat cap is an excellent choice for summer wear and it provides really stylish protection from the sun even in hot weather. The linen casual t-shirt is perfect for casual style as a friend of a t-shirt and shorts. A loincloth made of linen or cotton is pleasant to hold because it is thin and the material breathes.

In cold weather, the choice is definitely flat caps made of wool fabric. Woolen leggings are warm in winter and are an absolute addition to winter accessories. Flats are a suitable casual choice for everyday use and they go with a multi-style jacket. Combine a woolen flat cap with a stylish scarf and you'll definitely have functional winter accessories.

Flat cap is a really old accessory, the first flat cap-like headgear was made in 14th-century Britain and Ireland. The flat cap was first a compulsory headgear prescribed for country people, but today it is used to complement elegant casual clothing.

In the selection of the Saarni boutique, each flat cap is handmade from high-quality materials. Our collection includes e.g. woolen battens and battens made of linen or cotton. In the collection you will find a special selection of boots with different designs and details. A flat cap is definitely one of the most versatile accessories for a stylish man. Flat cap works great in everyday life and in more demanding situations.