Flat caps

Flat Cap is an excellent headdress for a man who wants a relaxed but stylish headdress. The flat cap is an excellent choice for casual wear and today it is often used in business casual wear. The flat cap has a small cap and lining fabric.

Flat caps made of different materials can be worn all year round. These headwear are definitely worth a few different ones to help you complement every outfit with ease. With nice colors, patterns and details, you get a twist on how to dress.

Linen flat cap is an excellent choice for summer dress and it really protects your head from the sun even in hot weather. The linen casual suit is perfect for a casual style as a friend of t-shirts and shorts. A linen or cotton lens is comfortable to wear because it is thin and breathable.

In cold weather, a flat cap made of wool is definitely the choice. Woolen lenses warm up in the winter and are a must-have for winter accessories. The lenses are a suitable casual choice for everyday use and go with a multi-style jacket. Combine a woolen flat cap with a stylish scarf to be sure to get functional winter accessories.

The flat cap is a really old accessory, the first flat cap-like headwear was made in the 14th century in Britain and Ireland. The flat cap was first a mandatory headdress for rural people, but today it is used to complement stylish casual wear.

In Saarni's boutique range, each flat cap is handcrafted from high quality material. Our collection includes e.g. woolen loins and linen made of flax or cotton. In the collection you will find an excellent selection of laces with different patterns and details. The flat cap is definitely one of the most versatile accessories for a stylish man. The flat cap works great in everyday life as well as in the most demanding situations.

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