Shaving brush gives you complete shaving foam. In the selection of boutiques you will find various razors for classic shaving.

In the selection you will find popular wolves, we offer coarse wild boars and soft badger hair. With a badger hair, you get excellent foam. The badger hair brush is a very popular choice due to its excellent absorbency.

Wild boar hairdressers are coarser and stiffer than badger hairdressers and are ideal for frothing hard shaving soap. Especially as a new wild boar hair brush, it may feel stiff but softens quickly during use. However, some prefer firmer hair because of its massaging sensation.

Wild boar hairdressers are also a great choice for those looking for a classic shave. It is always advisable to shave after a shower, as warm water softens the hair and skin, making shaving easier and more comfortable. It is especially advisable to leave the wild boar hair brush soaked in warm water during the shower so that the bristles soften before using the wolf. The wild boar brush absorbs water, so it is advisable to allow the razor to dry properly for at least two days between shavings.

Shaving is easy!

Shaving is easier than you think. Even if you’re not immersed in the world of classic shaving, you can bring a little luxury to everyday life with a good razor and lather. Shaving gets better in no time and the skin thanks! Soak the shaving brush under warm water, hold it under the tap for a while so that the wand has time to absorb the water. Shake the biggest waters out of the wolves and spin the wolves in soap or cream. This is the so-called sudin download. When there is soap in the Sud, swirl it for about a minute in either a bowl or the palm of your hand to make the soap foam. The foam should be like whipped cream. And ready to foam on the face and drive. A very easy and quick way to make shaving foam with wolves.

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