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Beard trimmers

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Beard boar hair wooden handle⎪Omega
Boar hair beard⎪Omega
Boar hair beard⎪Omega Sale price€14,90
Beard boar hair black⎪Omega

Beard trimmers

With the shaver, you get the perfect lather for shaving. In the boutique's selection, you can find different razors for classic shaving.

In the selection you can find popular wolves, we offer coarse wild boar wolves and soft badger fur wolves. With a badger hair shaver, you get an excellent lather. Badger wool is a very popular choice due to its excellent absorbency.

Boar hair brushes are coarser and stiffer than, for example, badger hair brushes and are also excellently suitable for lathering hard shaving soap, for example. Especially when new, the boar fur coat may seem stiff, but it softens quickly with use. However, some people prefer a stiffer hair due to its rubbing feel.

Boar hair shavers are also a great price-quality ratio choice for those familiar with classic shaving. You should always shave after showering, because warm water softens the beard hair and skin, making shaving easier and more pleasant. In particular, you should leave the boar hair brush in warm water during the shower, so that the bristles soften before using the brush. Boar hair absorbs water, so it's best to let the razor dry properly for at least two days between shaves.

Using the razor is easy!

Using a razor is easier than you think. Even if you haven't delved into the world of classic shaving, you can bring a little luxury into everyday life with a good shaving brush and foam. Shaving will be better in no time and your skin will thank you! Wet the shaver under warm water, hold it under the tap for a while so that the shaver has time to absorb the water. Shake off the largest amount of water from the suds and roll the suds in soap or cream. This is the so-called sud download. When there is soap in Sud, swirl it for about a minute either in a bowl or in the palm of your hand, which will create foam from the soap. The foam should be like whipped cream. And the foam is ready for use on the face and for driving. A very easy and quick way to make shaving cream with a suds.