Braces are a great alternative to a belt, especially if you want to bring a touch or twist to your outfit. Choose textured or more colorful straps to choose the color that suits your style or tear and bring playfulness to your dress.

Initially, the suspenders have been developed as holders for high-waisted trousers, but today their purpose as the wearer of the trouser leg has remained at the feet of the wearer of clothing. With suspenders, you get a really nice and versatile outfit that is a couple of degrees more personal and cool than outfit. Of course, the original function of the straps as a wearer for trousers is still a viable alternative to the belt, in many cases it is much more comfortable for the wearer. Especially if there is a long formula dinner in the program.

You can wear the suspenders under a suit with a collared shirt or wear a casual pair of pants and a t-shirt. You also get a really nice look when you wear braces in the same shade as a friend of the suspenders. The ash braces are Y-shaped and have both button clips made of high-quality leather and, alternatively, quick-release fasteners. So you can change the bracket to suit your pants or the look you want.

In our selection you will find colorful suspenders and patterned suspenders that give you a personal look to your outfit. In the selection you will find suspenders with a button fastening or a clip.

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