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Chelsea-bootsit & varsikengät

Chelsea boots & ankle boots



Light brown suede boot⎪ NobileLight brown suede boot⎪ Nobile
Light brown suede boot⎪ Nobile Discount price€259,00
Dark brown boot⎪ Chelsea boot⎪ NobileDark brown boot⎪ Chelsea boot⎪ Nobile
Dark brown boot⎪NobileDark brown boot⎪Nobile
Dark brown boot⎪Nobile Discount price€239,00
Black ankle boot⎪ Chelsea boot⎪ NobileBlack ankle boot⎪ Chelsea boot⎪ Nobile
Dark brown boot⎪ Andrea NobileDark brown boot⎪ Andrea Nobile
Dark brown boot⎪ Andrea Nobile Discount price€249,00
Chelsea-bootsit & varsikengät

Chelsea boots & ankle boots

Chelsea boots are a type of ankle boot that fits snugly and features elastic side panels, making it easier to put on the narrow shoe. This ankle-high boot is very versatile in its use, suitable for both formal and casual wear. You can wear Chelsea boots all year round, but their main season is during cooler periods. In winter, it's advisable to choose a model with a sturdier rubber sole and lining, while other seasons can be managed with lighter features and a stylish leather sole. Often, Chelsea boots have a fabric loop at the back of the shaft, making it easy to pull on the narrow-shafted shoe. 

Saarni boutique's selection includes Chelsea boots in many shades, with or without expressive patterns, and also in suede. When choosing the color and material, it's good to consider the same principles as when selecting other shoes, paying a bit more attention for shoes to be worn with a suit compared to those intended for more casual use.

Black is a sure, classic choice and works well with Chelsea boots if you want to wear them with, for example, a gray or black suit. Brown is a bit more casual and works great with lighter or colored chinos or jeans. However, for example, with a navy blue suit, a stylish and sleek brown or cognac-colored Chelsea boot is an excellent choice.

Chelsea boots are also available with Brogue patterns. Traditionally, Brogue patterns have been considered more suitable for casual wear, but in this case, the rest of the outfit and the shoe's construction ultimately determine how to pair the shoes. Suede Chelsea boots are easy to pair with chinos or separate trousers, and why not also with a suit made from slightly rougher wool fabric. 

Chelsea boots got their name from the Chelsea district of London, where the shoe style gained its second wave of popularity. However, the design of the boot dates back to the Victorian era, but it was named after this area where both men and women started wearing them from the 1950s-1960s onwards. The style is also popular in riding boots.