Chelsea boots and ankle boots

Chelsea Boots is the name for ankle boots that are well-fitting and have wedges made of flexible material on the sides, which make it easier to get the narrow shoe on. This ankle-high ankle boot is really versatile, it works as a dress shoe as well as for casual wear. You can wear Chelsea boots all year round, but the main season for ankle boots would be in the cooler seasons. In winter, you should choose a model equipped with a stronger rubber sole and lined, while other times of the year go with lighter equipment and a stylish leather sole. Chelsea boots often have a fabric loop at the back of the shaft, from which it is easy to pull on a shoe with a narrow shaft. 

Saarni boutique's selection includes Chelsea boots in many shades, with or without expressive patterns , and also in suede. When choosing color and material, it is good to observe the same principles as when choosing other shoes, a little more carefully in a shoe to be used with a suit than in a pair intended for more casual use. 

Black is a safe, classic choice and also works well with Chelsea boots, if you want to wear it with, for example, a gray or black suit. Brown is a bit more casual and works great with lighter or colored Chinos or jeans. But, for example, with a navy blue suit, a stylish and graceful brown or cognac-toned Chelsea is quite a good choice.

Chelsea Boots are also available in Brogue pattern. Traditionally, Brogue patterning has been considered more suitable for more casual wear, but here, too, the rest of the outfit and the construction of the shoe ultimately determine how to combine the shoe. Suede Chelsea boots are easy to combine with chinos or loose trousers, and why not also with a suit made of slightly coarser wool fabric. 

Chelsea boots are named after the Chelsea part of London, where the shoe model achieved its second popularity. However, the boot's model dates back to the Victorian era, but it got its name from this region, where it was worn from the 1950s to the 1960s by both men and women. The design is also popular in riding boots. 

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