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Posillipo 1930

Posillipo 1930 exquisitely stylish men's clothing is made in a small sewing workshop in Naples. All products are handmade with careful finishing and high-quality Italian fabrics. Posillipo 1930 is specifically focused on manufacturing and designing men's suits, jackets and trousers. In their collection you can find excellent straight trousers where the details and quality meet the quality criteria of a gentleman who appreciates quality. We visit Posillipo in Italy a couple of times a year. We design the collection in collaboration with Lucio.

A long tradition in manufacturing

Posillipo 1930 has a prominent position in the Italian and Made in Italy market, offering exclusively Italian production, custom craftsmanship and meticulous control at every stage of production. Posillipo's roots go back to 1960, when Antonio Rea started making men's suits and jackets using the Neapolitan tailoring method, growing his passion for men's fashion. Today, the third generation continues the founders' project tenaciously and passionately by bringing constant innovation and development to the products.

Great materials 

Posillipo has a lot of stylish and very high-quality fabrics in stock. It's always a pleasure to browse these and choose the best materials and patterns from the fabrics. In the Posillipo collection, we have largely focused on pants that are really wonderfully made and have an excellent fit. The trouser collection consists of classic straight trousers, but we want to bring a touch of twist with details and different fabrics. As a general rule, we choose pure natural materials from which the best woolen pants and linen pants are created. The best materials, e.g. can be found in REDA's collection, which offers very high-quality woolen fabrics made in Italy. The pants in the winter collection are always made of woolen fabrics of suitable thickness, and in the summer selection you can find light and wonderfully cool, straight trousers made of woolen fabrics and wonderful linen trousers. We always want to bring color and versatility, so the collection includes checkered pants and, for example, we have chosen unusual colors such as lilac for the linen pants. In the Posillipo 1930 collection, you can find a selection for both classic and bolder tastes.

Unique products made for us

All Posillipo products in the Saarni boutique are made especially for us and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Clothes are always produced in a very small batch, so our selection is very unique. We want to offer products for highly individual dressing. We are able to take our customer's wishes into account in our design and offer an excellent selection for dressing. In cooperation with Posillipo 1930, we have also made changes to the models and thus, for example, the fit has been polished to its peak. It is always very nice to receive the finished products in the boutique. It's always very exciting when the package from Italy arrives, because it's the moment when we see the finished products for the first time. And how wonderful creations always arrive from there, many of you have surely noticed this joy when presenting new products.

The collection is constantly expanding

We have wanted to complement the extensive men's trouser collection with wonderful little jackets and half-length fabric jackets. The little jackets made with a loose fabric structure are handmade at their best and really bring the fit of the jacket to a new level. The little jackets from the Posillipo 1930 collection have been well-fitting in design, but not too narrow in the Italian style, but very suitable for a normal body.Posillipo's 1930 little jackets perfectly complement the boutique's offer, so we are able to offer versatile options for many body types 

The Posillipo 1930 jacket collection has been kept very classic and understated, without forgetting the wonderful details. The materials are always carefully considered and the handmade jackets really stand out on the wearer.


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