Men's waistcoats give you a nice look for personal dress. With the style and material of the waistcoats, you can influence whether the vest brings relaxation or celebration to your dress. The waistcoats works in casual casual wear as well as smart casual or formal wear.

In the past, a waistcoats was part of every gentleman's clothing store and was standard equipment as a suit guy. Later, as fashion changed and e.g. due to the regulation of the material, the vest has been abandoned as a companion to the costume, although of course it is still one of the most festive dresses, as with Smok and the tailcoat.

Combine many different outfits

Nowadays, you can traditionally combine a waistcoats in a 3-piece suit, but on a more casual occasion, the waistcoats can completely replace the blazer or act as an outfit for the rest of the evening when it's time to shift to a freer degree and take off your jacket.

The vest also works as such with a collared shirt and chinos at the office, or a degree more casually in casual wear with a sweater or even a t-shirt and jeans. At its best, the same vest combined with different outfits brings a different look to your different outfits.

Boutique's Waistcoats

Our selection includes more festive vests, the fabrics of which have been carefully selected so that they can be combined with stylish 3-piece suits or ensembles with a blazer and loose-fitting trousers. We also have more casual, personalized vests with no details or twists. Especially in the Reykjavik District vests, versatility has been taken into account by designing the front of the vest to fit seamlessly into our blazers, and the personality is then found in the wonderfully colorful back pieces and one different colored button on the front and a matching handkerchief.

A stylish vest is a man's credit garment for many occasions!

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