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Loaferit & mokkasiinit

Loafers & moccasins

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Siniset loaferit⎪ Canvas⎪ NobileSiniset loaferit⎪ Canvas⎪ Nobile
Beiget loaferit⎪ Canvas⎪ NobileBeiget loaferit⎪ Canvas⎪ Nobile
Brown loafers ⎪NobileBrown loafers ⎪Nobile
Brown loafers ⎪Nobile Sale price€149,00
Tummansiniset loaferit ⎪ NobileTummansiniset loaferit ⎪ Nobile
Ruskeat mokkasiinit⎪ Milano ⎪ NobileRuskeat mokkasiinit⎪ Milano ⎪ Nobile
Tummansiniset mokkasiinit⎪ Milano⎪ NobileTummansiniset mokkasiinit⎪ Milano⎪ Nobile
Vihreät mokkasiinit ⎪ NobileVihreät mokkasiinit ⎪ Nobile
Save 40%Keltaiset mokkasiinit ⎪ NobileKeltaiset mokkasiinit ⎪ Nobile
Keltaiset mokkasiinit ⎪ Nobile Sale price€95,40 Regular price€159,00
Oranssit mokkasiinit⎪ Milano ⎪ NobileOranssit mokkasiinit⎪ Milano ⎪ Nobile
Siniset nahkaiset loaferit ⎪ Venice ⎪ NobileSiniset nahkaiset loaferit ⎪ Venice ⎪ Nobile
Oranssit nahkaiset loaferit ⎪ Venice  ⎪ NobileOranssit nahkaiset loaferit ⎪ Venice  ⎪ Nobile
Save 50%Kaksiväriset ruskeat nahkaiset loaferit ⎪Venice⎪ NobileKaksiväriset ruskeat nahkaiset loaferit ⎪Venice⎪ Nobile
Kaksiväriset ruskeat nahkaiset loaferit ⎪Venice⎪ Nobile Sale price€89,50 Regular price€179,00
Save 50%Vihreät nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice ⎪ NobileVihreät nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice ⎪ Nobile
Vihreät nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice ⎪ Nobile Sale price€89,50 Regular price€179,00
Sold outSave 30%Beiget loaferit ⎪NobileBeiget loaferit ⎪Nobile
Beiget loaferit ⎪Nobile Sale price€97,30 Regular price€139,00
Save 30%Blue loafers ⎪NobileBlue loafers ⎪Nobile
Blue loafers ⎪Nobile Sale price€97,30 Regular price€139,00
Light gray loafers ⎪NobileLight gray loafers ⎪Nobile
Light gray loafers ⎪Nobile Sale price€149,00
Tummansiniset nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice  ⎪ NobileTummansiniset nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice  ⎪ Nobile
Vaaleanruskeat mokkasiinit⎪ Venice ⎪ NobileVaaleanruskeat mokkasiinit⎪ Venice ⎪ Nobile
Save 50%Sinipunaiset nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice ⎪ NobileSinipunaiset nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice ⎪ Nobile
Sinipunaiset nahkaiset loaferit⎪ Venice ⎪ Nobile Sale price€89,50 Regular price€179,00
Loaferit & mokkasiinit

Loafers & moccasins

Moccasins or loafers are perfect for a stylish and summer gentleman. 

Whether you're looking for a casual but cool suede summer shoe for everyday wear, with chinos and a linen shirt, or a stylish, colorful loafer to spice things up with a suit for business wear or a party. From the spectrum of different colors and materials, everyone can find a pair that suits them. 

Multipurpose moccasins are a sure choice for a style-conscious man to wear in summer weather. Moccasins are a classic and timeless option that works both in casual everyday wear with shorts and chinos, as well as in festive dressing as a companion to straight trousers and a blazer.

The soft and pleasant suede adapts to the foot perfectly and the shoe fits like a glove! So even the moccasin walking shoes are in a class of their own.

Colorful and patterned loafers are the choice of a personable dresser! There are many stylish options, more restrained pairs of shoes in a darker shade or, for example, flashier loafers with pony hair. Once you've found a pair that fits your outfit and style, the sky is the limit, loafers work wonderfully with both suits and jeans.

Handcrafted in Italy, the shoes are top quality and feel great on your feet. The materials, leathers and fabrics have been carefully selected and the details have been planned down to the last stitch.

Stylish shoes always complete an outfit.