Driving gloves

Driving gloves bring a touch of luxury to everyday life and make driving a little more enjoyable. Made of high-quality leather, the fitted driving glove gives a firm grip on the steering wheel and adds a touch of style and look to a man's look.

What to consider when choosing a driving glove

The driving glove should sit in your hand like a cast, you should not squeeze, but the new driving glove should and should feel tight. The leather will take shape to conform to the shape of your hand, so it really gets to be tight when you buy. This is especially important in a driving glove, as too large a glove does not provide the same grip and may feel uncomfortable to wear.

When choosing a shade, it's a good idea to keep in mind the color of the steering wheel and car, and of course your own outfits. The leather may especially get new or take on color, so if you have a light steering wheel in your go-to game, it would be good to have a light glove and vice versa naturally. There are differences in the size of the leather models, in others the ventilation has been taken into account in the design with different “ventilation openings”, ie the gloves have either holes at the knuckles or smaller holes at the fingers.

Saar's range includes high-quality English driving gloves made of deer and sheepskin, as well as a selection of leather gloves with a dorsal glove design in stylish shades from the same manufacturer. To crown your driving experience, choose yours from these gorgeous gloves!

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