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Driving gloves




Driving gloves

Driving gloves add a touch of luxury to everyday life and make driving a bit more enjoyable. Made from high-quality leather, well-fitted driving gloves provide a firm grip on the wheel and add a touch of style and flair to a man's look. Leather driving gloves are the true driver's gloves and a very classic choice.

What to consider when choosing driving gloves

A driving glove should fit your hand like a glove, it shouldn't squeeze, but a new driving glove can and should feel snug. The leather will mold to the shape of your hand, so it really can be snug when purchased. This is especially important for a driving glove because a glove that is too big won't provide as firm a grip and may feel uncomfortable in use. 

When choosing a shade, it is good to keep in mind the color of the steering wheel and the car, and of course also considering your own outfits. Leather may especially when new either release or absorb color, so if your vehicle has a light-colored steering wheel, the glove's shade should also be light and vice versa naturally. Size differences exist in leather models; some have ventilation considered in the design with various 'ventilation holes,' meaning the gloves have either holes at the knuckles or smaller holes at the fingers. 

Saarnin's selection includes high-quality English driving gloves made from deer and lamb leather, as well as a fabric-backed glove model from the same manufacturer in stylish shades to complement the range of leather gloves. When you want to crown your driving experience, choose your own from these magnificent gloves!