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Article: The best perfumes for men - without compromising on quality

Parhaat hajuvedet miehelle - laadusta tinkimättä

The best perfumes for men - without compromising on quality

Store shelves are full of huge selections of fragrances and there is a lot to offer. High-quality Eau De Toilette and cologne are a sure choice for a man who wants a long-lasting fragrance that smells just right on the skin.

Store shelves are full of huge selections of fragrances and there is a lot to offer. High-quality Eau De Toilette and cologne are a sure choice for a man who wants a long-lasting fragrance that smells just right on the skin. The manufacturers have a long tradition in the production of fragrances and you can really sense it from these fragrances. Eau De Toilette's scent concentrate percentage is milder than, for example, perfume, and Cologne is the lightest of these scents and contains the smallest percentage of scent. In the boutique, we wanted to collect in the selection such fragrances that you cannot find elsewhere in Finland and which offer such classic fragrances for gentlemen who want both classics and fresh modern fragrances for the modern wearer.

Jermyn Street tuoksut

Jermyn Street is definitely the boutique's most popular fragrance and an excellent choice to give as a gift.

How can you recognize a high-quality fragrance?

The high-quality fragrance lasts a long time on the skin. You don't need to spray it but a couple of sprays, and it smells just right. What is especially important when using scents is that it only smells a little, no one wants to smell a scent from a kilometer away or a quarter of an hour after you have left the building, no matter how good the scent is. So focus on quality, not quantity.

Perfumes have been used for a long time, for thousands of years. Our popular manufacturer is Floris, which was born almost 300 years ago, when Juan Famenia Floris created his first fragrance and wrote the instructions in his leather-bound book. New recipes were still written in that book and today that book is stored in Jermyn Street in London in Floris' vault. That book still serves as an inspiration when Floris creates new fragrances, all of which pass under Edward Bodenham's nose for approval.

Even though Floris' fragrances are Eau De Toilettes and the concentration percentage is mild, it is still enough to cover the whole day. We tested the scents of Floris and when you apply a couple of sprays in the morning, it still smells good on the skin even in the evening. Quality is recognized by this feature, the fragrance is made from orthodox good ingredients and therefore it stays on the skin for a long time.

Floris London's No. 89 Eau De Toilette is a traditional fragrance, to which orange and bergamot together with lavender and neroli give it the character of a classic cologne. The fragrance's spicy nutmeg gives warmth to the floral heart note. The base note of this true gentleman's fragrance is dominated by wood, with notes of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. The fragrance was introduced in 1951 and got its name from the location of Floris' shop No. 89 Jermyn Street, London. This scent was also a personal favorite of James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Cefiro's fresh citrus scent suits many people and has been a very popular choice. It has a combination of fresh lemon and lime enhanced with bergamot and mandarin. Its spiciness comes from cardamom and nutmeg and a floral heart note. The warm nature of the base notes of wood and musk. The scent is sweet enough, but fresh enough and not too offensive. This is the lightest of Floris' fragrances and is liked by many. The same series also includes shower soap and deodorant.

Cefiro tuoksut ovat suosittuja

Sandalwood is an absolute classic

The scent of sandalwood is definitely the scent that divides the most opinions. Others love it, and immediately immerse themselves in the world of stylish gentlemen in a black and white movie. Others find the scent too strong and spicy.Sandalwood is the second most expensive tree in the world, both the wood and the oil produce a distinct fragrance that has been prized for centuries Sandalwood oil intake varies depending on the age and location of the tree, usually older trees produce the highest oil content and quality. Sandalwood oil has a characteristic soft, warm, smooth, creamy and milky precious metal scent. The scent of sandalwood has also been used in shaving-related scents for a long time, almost all of the manufacturers' products contain this classic scent refined into one of the products.

Floris London's Santal is a fresh masculine fragrance, with top notes of bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, green grass and lemon. The fragrance gets its warm and sensual nature from the heart notes of clove, lavender and nutmeg, which are emphasized by the base notes of amber, cedar wood, incense, musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Taylor of Old Bond Street's sandalwood cologne is elegantly classic. It is a true gentleman's fragrance with the history and tradition of Taylor of Old Bond Street. Definitely a choice for a man who likes stronger and spicy scents. However, this cologne has managed to be kept fairly light, but the traditional sandalwood scent still gets its due. Sandelwood Cologne is a lighter alternative to Floris Sandalwood Eau De Toilette scent, so if you are not sure about the scent of sandalwood, choose this one.

The fragrance consists of the classic aromatic citrus scent at the top, mixed with hints of lavender, thyme, rosemary. Along with gentle jasmine and white cyclamen. In the base, the musks of wood, moss and amber. Contains essential oils of sycamore, thyme, rosemary, lavender, galbanum and patchouli.

santelipuu on klassikko tuoksu

Cologne is an excellent choice for a light perfume

Cologne is a lighter option than Eau De Toilette. On average, cologne contains about 2-5 percent fragrance concentrate. Its duration on the skin is shorter than that of Eau De Toilette, but it is a good choice when the need for a long-lasting fragrance is not necessarily for the whole long day. We tested Taylor Of Old Bond Street colognes and surprisingly the scent was longer lasting than we expected.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is a brand whose wearer represents the classic style and quality awareness of a British gentleman. Taylor of Old Bond Street is a family business whose history stretches back to 1854. At that time, Jeremiah Taylor opened his salon on London's famous Bond Street. The plant extracts that make Jeremia quickly gained popularity and the story continued in the next generation, when Sidney Taylor opened the current main store on Jermyn Street in London.

Taylor of Old Bond Street's Jermyn Street range has a wonderfully fresh fragrance. The series also includes e.g. deodorant and shower soap. In the boutique's test, this did the best, how good the bathroom smells after it needs this Jermyn Street shower soap scent! An absolutely easy scent to give as a gift to a man, and what's best, the spouse can also enjoy this himself. This fragrance is an excellent choice for year-round use. You can't go wrong with this scent, because it's light citrusy enough to use in the office, for example, and it's also a great choice for a summer scent.

The main scent is bergamot, lemon, lime and lavender combined with the scents of cornflower, neroli, amber, musk and vanilla. Does not contain alcohol, so it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

cologne tuoksut miehelle

Bet on a small size and versatile selection

Perfume can be stored for years, but when opened it can start to deteriorate within a year. This is why you should prefer small packaging sizes. It's a good idea to have a few different perfumes, so in the morning you can always choose the scent of the day as you like. You often get used to the smell so that you can't smell it yourself anymore and there is a risk of overdosing. When you use a few different perfumes on different days, you won't get used to them so easily and you can also enjoy your scent yourself.

For different occasions, you should choose different scents, when you go out to eat or to the theater in the evening, the choice is definitely a classic scent that should be a little stronger. For the office, you should prefer lighter options that are not too strong and you can take your coworkers into account. Also be careful with the dosage. Never mix scents together when you choose a scent for the day, use a milder shower soap when washing, you should also be moderate with aftershave, even though it disappears from the skin faster than perfume, it can be too interesting a combination of scents at the beginning of the day. The safe choice is to choose fragrances from the same product family for all the necessary products, if possible.

In summer, fragrances are put to the real test when it gets warm during the day and the skin sweats. Prefer fresh and light scents in the summer. Also pay attention to the use of deodorant, if the deodorant has a very strong smell, it can mix unpleasantly with the smell of the perfume when you sweat. In winter, the scents are allowed to be stronger and spicier. In winter, the scents are perfectly unleashed on a frosty day, when when you come inside, the clothes smell fresh and the perfume is exclusively exposed.


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