Ascot Scarves & Silk Scarves

Ascot scarves or silk scarves will crown your gentleman's outfit!

An Ascot scarf is a silk scarf sewn into a shape that is usually used with a collared shirt. The Ascot scarf is a really stylish accessory. The Ascot scarf is a classic accessory and should be worn around the neck. The Ascot scarf is a great alternative to a tie, as you can leave a couple of buttons open on the collared shirt so it doesn't tighten. An excellent accessory for warm summer parties, for example.

Silk scarf is a multi-purpose accessory. You can use a silk scarf like a scarf with a cover and keep your neck warm. For example, a silk scarf with a wool lining is excellent with a cover. The silk scarf looks stylish with a blazer, bringing a great detail to the outfit. With a silk scarf, you get a new look for your blazer. You can use a lighter silk scarf like the Ascot scarf around your neck under the collared shirt.

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