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Ascot-huivit & silkkihuivit

Ascot Scarves & Silk Scarves

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Viininpunainen silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliViininpunainen silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummansininen silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummansininen silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Sininen paisley silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliSininen paisley silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Keltainen kuviollinen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliKeltainen kuviollinen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Vaaleansininen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliVaaleansininen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Harmaa paisley kuvio ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliHarmaa paisley kuvio ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Musta ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliMusta ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Kultainen paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliKultainen paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Oranssi paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliOranssi paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Shampanjan värinen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliShampanjan värinen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Sininen paisley kuvio silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliSininen paisley kuvio silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Shampanjan värinen paisley silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliShampanjan värinen paisley silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Burgundy silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliBurgundy silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Kuviollinen kultainen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliKuviollinen kultainen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Keltainen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliKeltainen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Vaaleankeltainen ascot-huivi sinisellä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliVaaleankeltainen ascot-huivi sinisellä kuviolla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Kultaisen värinen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio RedaelliKultaisen värinen ascot-huivi ⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Tummansininen ascot-huivi keltaisella kuviolla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliTummansininen ascot-huivi keltaisella kuviolla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Keltainen paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliKeltainen paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Musta kuviollinen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliMusta kuviollinen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Sininen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliSininen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Tummansininen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliTummansininen ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Violetti paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio RedaelliVioletti paisley ascot-huivi ⎪Giorgio Redaelli
Vaaleansininen silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio RedaelliVaaleansininen silkkihuivi villavuorilla⎪ Giorgio Redaelli
Ascot-huivit & silkkihuivit

Ascot Scarves & Silk Scarves

With an Ascot scarf or a silk scarf, you crown a gentleman's outfit!

An Ascot scarf is a silk scarf sewn into a shape that is usually worn with a collared shirt. The Ascot scarf is a really stylish accessory. The Ascot scarf is a classic accessory and is pleasant to wear around the neck. An Ascot scarf is an excellent alternative to a tie, because you can leave a couple of buttons on the collared shirt open, so it doesn't tighten. An excellent accessory for, for example, warm summer parties.

A silk scarf is a multipurpose accessory. You can wear a silk scarf like a neckerchief with an overcoat and keep your neck warm. For example, a silk scarf with a wool lining is excellent with an overcoat. A silk scarf looks stylish with a blazer, bringing a great detail to the outfit. With a silk scarf, you can give a new look to a blazer. You can wear a lighter silk scarf like an ascot scarf around your neck under a collared shirt.

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