Leather gloves give the wearer a well-groomed and stylish impression. In addition to the appearance, high-quality gloves feel soft and snug in the hand and, when well-groomed, only improve over time.

Sheep or deer leather is the most commonly used material for gloves, but other leathers are also used. Made of sheep, it is recognizable by its smooth, slightly shiny surface, inwardly sewn seams and a cheaper price tag. Deer gloves are slightly rougher than sheep, have outward seams and a slightly more vibrant and matte surface. Gloves made from deer in particular often have hand-made stitching that adds a nice extra touch to the look. Deer is a slightly stronger and higher quality material, so the more valuable material is also reflected in the price of the final product.

The high-quality glove is recognizable by the material, the good fit and the polished details. A good glove has a so-called a diamond piece that ensures a good fit and finger movement, giving the glove a long life.

Hand-crafted finishes, such as quilting, often reveal that the glove is made with pâté.

As a rule of thumb when choosing a leather glove, you should consider choosing the one that is a little tight when you buy it;

In our selection you will find men's classic driving gloves for driving and men's winter gloves. All our leather gloves are designed with a wooden spike, so we can offer a selection that you won't find anywhere else in Finland.

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