A leather belt is the final touch to finishing an elegant man's outfit. The belt, of course, has been a way to ensure that the trouser stays on the foot from the beginning, but nowadays the importance of the belt as an accessory is at least as important as its ultimate use as a trouser support.

A colorful or patterned belt gives a nice look to an otherwise elegant monochrome ensemble or to emphasize a certain shade or detail. Traditionally, the belt and shoes are chosen in the same shade, this nicely binds the whole together. Sometimes it may be appropriate to play around a little or stretch this rule of style to bring a little edge to your dress.

In the selection of boutiques, you will find a wide selection of brown belts in different shades, we invest in a wide collection and you will find just the right shade for your shoe. A dark brown belt is a classic choice for a friend of dark brown shoes, a light brown belt or a cognac-colored belt works great with light-toned shoes.

At Saarn, all belts come from small manufacturers in Italy, where the tradition of leather working is still strong. One important feature of handmade belts is that all of our belts are shortened in the boutique to the right length from the buckle end of the belt, making the belt just the right size for its wearer if it is too long.

If you're looking for something really different, check out Saar's Belt Range to find the finishing touch to your style!

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