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Article: Driving gloves are perfect for driving and a stylish accessory

Ajohanskat ovat täydelliset autoiluun sekä tyylikäs asuste

Driving gloves are perfect for driving and a stylish accessory

A particularly stylish and undeniably practical men's accessory are leather driving gloves. The purpose of driving gloves, like all gloves, is of course to keep the wearer's hands dry and warm, but in this case also to increase the driving pleasure while driving. The fitted driving glove made of high-quality leather gives a firm grip on the wheel and adds a touch of elegance and a personal twist to a man's outfit. From the wide selection of different leathers and shades used for driving gloves, as well as several different models and details, there is just the perfect choice for every hand and purpose of use, which fits like a glove.

Ajohanskat asusteena

From a practical product to an accessory

The history of driving gloves dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the purpose of driving gloves was simple practicality. In the first cars, there was no shelter for the driver inside the cabin, instead the driver sat at the mercy of the weather while driving the car. The driving gloves therefore protected the drivers from both dirt and cold, but of course also a little from the wheel itself, which at that time was made of either uncoated metal or wood.

The first driving gloves were made of very thick and strong leather, so that the movement of the fingers it was even a little awkward. Of course, driving the car was still successful then, because the first steering mechanisms were not very sensitive, but rather needed a little harder grips. However, over the years, the manufacturers of driving gloves found that a good grip and the ability to move the hand is a very important part of the functionality of the driving glove, if only for safety reasons, so gloves began to be made of thin and soft leather, to guarantee a good and non-slip grip.

Later in the 60s, the popularity of driving gloves also grew as a trendy accessory. Driving gloves were no longer only used by drivers, but also on the street, as a detail in the outfits of elegantly dressed gentlemen.

With the accelerated development of cars and modern equipment, the use of driving gloves waned at the turn of the 70s and 80s. Many people still prefer to use driving gloves when driving a car and state that they provide complete driving pleasure. In addition to this, driving gloves are a great part of men's stylish dressing in the off-season and in colder weather. Driving gloves that provide just the right amount of protection and warmth offer a refreshing way to bring color, personality and twist to outfits.
Ajohanskojen ompelu

Characteristics of a high-quality driving glove

A high-quality glove is made carefully and from high-quality materials. In manufacturing, attention has been paid to small things, which finish high-quality gloves and guarantee a long service life.

The leather used in the driving glove must be thin and soft, so that the use of the glove is as pleasant, easy and safe as possible. The thin leather guarantees excellent mobility and it is possible to get a good feeling through the leather.

Deer or sheepskin gloves are a great choice, both options are soft, well-formed and mobile leather. The difference between these skins is that the deer skin is slightly thicker than the sheep skin and the surface is more jagged. The sheepskin is very soft and the surface of the leather is really even and smooth. Deer skin is more valuable than sheepskin, so a deerskin glove is a slightly more expensive option than a sheepskin glove.

Ajohanskojen eri värejä
Due to the thickness of the deerskin, there is often a stylistic difference between the finishing of the gloves.Gloves made of buckskin often have a slightly coarser look because the stitching on the fingers is done by hand on the outside of the glove, while in a lighter sheepskin glove, they are turned inward and the stitching is not visible. Due to this stylistic difference, the deerskin glove also has a little more space for the fingers, so for example, a deerskin glove is the best choice for long fingers !

First-class, handmade gloves have a detail that is often completely missing in cheap production. This particular detail is the so-called a piece with a diamond or stud pattern that is sewn between the fingers. This small piece of leather may not seem like a big deal, but it improves the fit of the glove and greatly extends its life and reduces the risk of the leather over-stretching or tearing.

nahkahanskan timanttipalat
Also, it is definitely worth paying attention to other smaller details when choosing a high-quality driving glove, such as a possible button fastening on the handle of the glove. The button fastening provides a firm enough grip around the wrist (though without tightening), so that the glove will definitely stay in place during use and not roll, for example, between the hand and the steering wheel.

Remember that even a quality glove needs to be taken care of. Caring for leather gloves is very important, as it makes the gloves practically last forever. The maintenance of gloves works on the same principles as the care of any other leather product. Go through the gloves lightly a couple of times a year with a colorless leather care agent, with the help of a cloth or sponge intended for applying leather.

peurannahka vs lampaannahka

Finding the right model and size

A driving glove should always fit your hand like a glove, of course you shouldn't squeeze it, but a new driving glove should feel nice when you buy it. When you think you've found the right size, you should always confirm it by trying on a glove one or half a size smaller, if it still feels good and doesn't squeeze too much, it's good to choose a smaller glove when you're between two sizes. The leather of the driving glove will take shape and adapt to the shapes and angles of your hand during use over time. Especially when it comes to driving gloves, finding the right size is really important, because a glove that is too big doesn't give you a firm enough grip on the wheel or it might even feel uncomfortable to use.

For those with long fingers, especially a driving glove with the stitching on the fingers placed on the outside of the glove is a great choice, because the stitching sewn on the outside naturally gives more space and length to both the hand and the fingers inside the glove.
Ajohanskat peurannahkaaColor, shades and details of the driving glove when choosing, it is of course good to keep in mind, for example, the color of the steering wheel and the car, but also your own style and the contents of your wardrobe, because such stylish accessories can easily be combined with outfits elsewhere than behind the wheel.

Leather, especially when new, can get or take color, so if your go game has a really light-colored wheel, it's good that the tone of the glove should also be light, and naturally a darker glove in the opposite situation. With a black leather steering wheel, a light brown driving glove can easily and quickly look dirty if the color comes off the leather of the steering wheel.

There are differences in the models of full leather gloves, in others ventilation is taken into account in the design with different "vents", for example in the form of knuckle holes. In some gloves, the shaft can reach further to the wrist than in others, which can help the fit or comfort of the glove.

Asusteena vaaleat ajohanskat

Driving gloves as an accessory

Driving gloves also work perfectly as a purely accessory in a gentleman's dressing.They are just the right amount of warmth in the off-season when wool-lined winter gloves are still too thick and always bring a personal touch to your outfit. For those who prefer a more restrained style and overall look, a timeless brown or black driving glove with colorful details can be a great choice.

The color of the driving glove can also be coordinated with other leather products and accessories. For someone who often wears black shoes and bags, black driving gloves are an excellent option, or if all your shoes and bags are brown leather, brown naturally also works great in driving gloves.

Ajohanskat asusteena

Butiiki's selection of driving gloves

In the boutique's unique and colorful selection, you will find one more wonderful driving glove than the other. The highest quality materials and careful craftsmanship have always been used to manufacture driving gloves. And because we always want to offer our customers as individual and unique a selection of top-quality gloves as possible, a large part of the color combinations and details visible in the driving gloves are also designed by us. The products are always made in small workshops, within Europe. Models, shades and various leather options are available to suit everyone's use, style and hand.

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