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Article: A stylish vest is a man's go-to item for many occasions!

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A stylish vest is a man's go-to item for many occasions!

The vest is the perfect choice for a man who needs a garment that can be used for many occasions. The popularity of this versatile piece of clothing has clearly increased recently among men's clothing. There are now plenty of different options available, and a vest is no longer just an accessory to be worn with a suit, but different materials and details can be used to create vests that work both in stylish everyday life and at parties.

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From theater to practical clothing

Vests have a long history as part of men's classic and stylish, more formal clothing. It is thought that the first waistcoats were already used in the beginning of the 17th century in costumes related to the theater and in masquerade costumes.

In 1666, King Charles II of England appointed and introduced waistcoats and, at the same time, the three-piece suit, which is still in use today, for the first time more widely as part of ordinary men's clothing. At that time, the vest, which was always made of the same fabric as the jacket and trousers, was however clearly longer than the model we know today and easily reached the same length as the jacket.

During the next hundred years, vests developed at a wild pace and diligently sought their shape, heading towards the model we recognize them today. However, waistcoats were still made  with trousers and jacket from the same fabric, as part of a three-piece suit but now in a significantly shorter model, cut to about waist height. It was also typical that in cold seasons a man could put on several vests at the same time, to keep himself warm.

Little by little, waistcoats started to be added to informal clothing as well, and while the three-piece suit with waistcoat continued to be a strong part of party dressing, waistcoats made of more relaxed and thicker fabrics took up space among casual wear. In the end, the vest ended up in its current form as a very versatile part of dressing.

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Vest in different outfits

In a traditional three-piece suit, a vest made of the same fabric is worn in addition to the jacket and trousers. This classic ensemble is very stylish and is perfect for wearing to, for example, weddings or other clearly formal occasions. As part of a three-piece suit, the vest is therefore at its most festive.

However, if you want to bring a little more color and twist to your party dressing, you can of course also choose a vest made of a different fabric to wear with the suit. For example, a checkered vest brings a beautiful contrast and new dimensions to a monochrome suit. It's still good to choose a vest from festive and clean materials, such as thin woolen fabric, silk or, for example, cotton, this way the festiveness of the whole is preserved even if the vest fabric is different from the suit. 

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It is also good to keep in mind the tone and atmosphere of the occasion. For happy events or for example in summer, fresh shades and patterns work perfectly, in winter slightly darker shades and combinations are a safer choice. Of course, the fabric of the back of the vest can be a bit flashier even in a more restrained occasion, because of course it won't show with the jacket, when the occasion possibly relaxes at the end of the evening, the jacket can be taken off and the back fabric of the vest can shine.

A vest definitely brings versatility to your outfit and is a great choice to brighten up a loose jacket as well, feel free to try combinations of different colors and patterns! For example, a brown, reddish or, for example, orange-hued vest goes wonderfully with a blue blazer if you are ready to combine bolder colors. You can choose a vest made of the same style of material with a clean and shiny loose coat to keep the overall look in the same style.Such a combination works stylishly, for example, in neat work or casual wear. The whole is easily transformed when you change the vest or blazer to an individual made of a different shade or coarser material. Depending on the situation, the outfit works excellently with both clean, straight wool trousers and casual chinos.
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For casual everyday wear, the vest can be worn on its own over a collared shirt, t-shirt or even a sweater. For casual wear, of course, you can also choose a vest made of slightly more relaxed and clearly coarser materials, such as wool, linen or cotton blends. An everyday vest does not have to have a shiny, smooth silky back, but more flexible materials such as cotton or wool also work excellently. In everyday use, the vest should be very comfortable, so breathable and flexible materials should be preferred. You can get the perfect outfit by combining a casual vest with a flat cap that completes the dapper look.

 If your everyday clothes are colorful, the vest can also be more colorful, but if the contents of your wardrobe are more restrained shades, when considering a vest, it is good to think about the easy combination of different shades and the versatility of the vest. Especially in busy everyday life, it's nice to get dressed as effortless and easy as possible, so that you don't waste time thinking about color combinations in the morning. The shades of grey, brown and blue are really easy to combine with many outfits and other colors. Green and red are a slightly more personal and colorful range of shades, but still work well in combination with many other colors. Dark shades work especially in dark and cold weather, and lighter ones in summer weather, when the clothing is lighter and in lighter shades. In any case, the vest always brings a personal look to the wearer's outfits.

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In winter, a vest is a great help when dressing in layers

There are also vests for many different weathers and seasons, vests made of thicker woolen fabrics are naturally more wintry and give the wearer one extra layer of warmth in cold weather. So a vest is also a great part of stylish layering.

In winter, especially thicker wool fabrics, cotton and their blends are great choices when it comes to vest fabrics. Wool and cotton breathe well, which is very important for layering, the fabric should not be abrasive. The vest is surprisingly warm, so this is the perfect choice for winter wear.

Usually in winter, also a suit or a loose jacket is made of a slightly thicker, maybe slightly rougher fabric, probably wool. When layering a vest with a blazer, you must of course also choose a vest so that it fits seamlessly into the ensemble. However, seamlessness does not mean here that the vest should be of the same fabric as the jacket, but for example with a checkered blazer you should choose a monochrome option for the vest and vice versa. A checkered or, for example, herringbone-patterned vest works elegantly with a single-colored blazer and gives the blazer a suitable contrast. 

Following a few easy color combinations, it is extremely easy to build repeatedly functional entities. A blue vest with a brown blazer is a beautiful combination that works well in winter dressing, the shades of red in the vest give a touch of warmth when combined with other colors, gray is an easy everyday color also in the vest and it harmonizes perfectly with almost all other colors.

In winter, a vest is a great alternative to a blazer and sweater combination.By changing the sweater to a vest, you get the same style of outfit, only with a slightly new twist. If you feel that the vest leaves too much of the collared shirt and collars visible, a tie is the perfect solution to the problem, and a knit tie is just the right amount of casual for neat everyday wear. In contrast to a silk tie, its surface is not as shiny but a little coarser, so that the wearer does not feel too festive when going to the office, for example.

liivillä saa monta asuaIn summer, a vest brings personality to an outfit and also works as such

In Kesäkeli, a vest completes a party outfit or brings a fresh twist to more relaxed ensembles. Light, light and colorful vests belong in summer! They brilliantly brighten up both parties and everyday life and give the wearer the opportunity to create personal ensembles.

At summer parties, a vest is a stylish choice with a suit or loose jacket. A vest made of thin, smooth wool fabric, linen or cotton works best with a light summer blazer, which is breathable and cool enough when layers are worn and the weather is warm. A summer vest may have, for example, a silky back fabric with large and colorful patterns. The light colors and beautiful patterns are also light and fresh enough for a summer party. The same basic guidelines apply to combining ensembles as for the winter versions, a plain blazer with a patterned vest and vice versa. However, summer parties are often a bit more relaxed and a bolder combination of patterns and colors is encouraged.

In warm weather, the vest works perfectly even on its own with a collared shirt or even a t-shirt! For a casual party  it's great to leave the blazer at home and wear a vest instead, the outfit remains neat and elegant, but the vest is much lighter than the blazer to wear in hot weather. With a T-shirt, you can get a stylish ensemble for everyday life when you combine the vest and shirt with, for example, linen trousers or chinos and loafers. kesällä liivi toimii juhlapukeutumisessa

Vest details

The different details of the vests give more and more ground to more personal dressing and the free creation of unique outfits. Fabrics, cuts, pockets, handkerchiefs, collars and so on, also determine a lot of the vest's purpose or suitability for different situations.

The vest fabric and materials have a big impact on the comfort and fit of the vest, but also on its style and the outfits it best suits. Vests made of light and shiny fabrics such as silk or thin wool work especially well for formal wear, while linen-blend or thicker woolen vests are perfect for more casual wear. Of course, some vests lend themselves perfectly to both situations, depending on how they are combined with other items of clothing.

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The double-breasted waistcoat exudes classic gentlemanliness and completes a suit for a party or a more relaxed ensemble, alternatively you can create a double-breasted waistcoat by wearing it as is with a collared shirt and accessories, without a little jacket. 

There are many cuts of vest collars, one can have a deeper cut and the vest is less visible when worn under a blazer, for example. The vest can also have collars, which give their own look and twist to the whole. A vest with a collar is a great choice for, for example, party wear. Ties and, for example, an ascot scarf also look particularly good with a collared waistcoat.A personal twist to the vest is given by the front side made of two different fabrics, which works when combined with, for example, a casual collared shirt

liivin erilaiset ykstyiskohdat

Vests are usually already a well-fitting and slightly narrower model, but many also have either an adjustable stud on the back or a rubber band tightening that gives space or the possibility of tightening the waist as needed.

Different buttons, metal, wooden or fabric-covered, give each vest its own detail, just like the different colors and materials of the fabrics. Sometimes things that seem small, such as the buttons or the joke of a pocket watch, create a big impression on the end result. The details make the vest just right for the wearer's personality.

Saarni boutique vests

The boutique's selection of vests is unique, colorful and comprehensive! There are vests for every situation and need, both for festive occasions, to be worn with a suit and for everyday life. The selection includes light and colorful vests that work brilliantly in the summer for parties as well as for casual or smart casual wear. In the winter collection you can find vests made of woolen fabrics that keep you warm in cold weather and look stylish. Magnificent Italian fabrics attract attention, timeless patterns and classically beautiful color combinations bring to the ensembles an elegance suitable for a gentleman and a suitable personal look. A neat model combined with high-quality materials is an absolutely safe choice that will help the wearer complete outfits one after another for years to come.

Small details and careful design, as well as an ingenious combination of more wonderful fabrics, have created a unique and wonderful selection of vests that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else!

A large part of the vests are also specially designed and made for us down to every detail, so these vests really look like us and also give our customers the opportunity to dress in a personal way.

Peek at the boutique vestt

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