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Article: A high-quality umbrella is a stylish accessory

Laadukas sateenvarjo on tyylikäs asuste

A high-quality umbrella is a stylish accessory

A high-quality umbrella is definitely the choice of a smart dresser. In the Finnish climate, a decent umbrella is certainly useful almost all year round. So it's worth investing in a high-quality umbrella, after all, this accessory is used several weeks a year. How nice it is to go out in rainy weather when you have a nice umbrella in use, which you like to take with you on the trip.

High-quality and careful manufacturing makes this important and traditional tool a long-lasting help and a good-looking and stylish accessory. Why waste time, money and nerves, getting a new umbrella every year or, in the worst case, several times a year, when you can choose a really strong and weather-resistant umbrella that will accompany you for years, possibly even throughout your life. 

Laadukas sateenvarjo on asuste

From parasol to rain protection

The long history of umbrellas goes back thousands of years to Egypt, where the first "parasols" were built from feathers or lotus leaves to protect the nobility from the sun. The gloomy weather umbrella has thus originated from the need to protect oneself from the scorching sun.

The first parasols, somewhat more reminiscent of today's umbrellas, have been found in ancient China, where servants protected rulers from the scorching sun with silken umbrellas whose support structure was often carved from sandalwood. Only the royal families had enough money and power to use shadows made of valuable and fine materials such as silk or leather, while the people used paper versions.

Parasols only reached Europe in the 16th century after influences from China, and even then they were only used by noble women. Later, in the middle of the 18th century, through the example of Jonas Hanway, the umbrella got its current shape and began to be used by men as well. After this, a few umbrella manufacturers appeared in England, which in fact are still operating today. To mention a couple of manufacturers, e.g. Ince Umbrellas, the oldest umbrella manufacturer in Britain, founded in 1805 (whose umbrellas you can find in the selection of the Saarni boutique) and London-based James Smith & Sons, which entered the market in 1830.

In 1852, Samuel Fox came up with the idea of ​​transferring the light metal structure, which at that time was also familiar from women's corsets, to umbrellas, which completely replaced the very heavy and expensive whalebone used in umbrellas before. And this is how a new model and design of umbrellas was born, which we still use today.

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How can you recognize a high-quality umbrella?

A high-quality umbrella can be recognized by a long-term and experienced manufacturer, careful craftsmanship and, of course, high-quality and durable materials.

A strong and sturdy-feeling stem that gives you a good and firm grip is an important part of a high-quality umbrella. The metal arm is light to carry and gives a little flexibility, while the wooden arm is a little heavier but very sturdy. In a high-quality umbrella, the shade stays firmly open and has a solid structure.

There are also differences in shade fabrics, the polyester usually used in shades is very resistant to moisture and repels water, it is light and stays clean for a long time even in hard use. The cotton-polyester shade fabric, on the other hand, is a slightly thicker and slightly more durable fabric, which is very sturdy and long-lasting, and it does not turn over even in strong winds.

Handmade umbrellas are a strong work, thought, time and effort have been put into their design and assembly, which is also noticeable by passers-by. A high-quality rain gutter needs careful maintenance. Remember to always dry the umbrella open so that the fabric of the umbrella can dry on all sides.

Sateenvarjon runko

Umbrella according to your own style and needs

It is always good to choose an umbrella that suits your own style and needs. There are many differences and selections in the size, model and materials of the umbrellas, and of course also in patterns and colors. 

The black umbrella is an absolutely functional and timeless classic, which in all its simplicity is a really stylish part of the outfit and suits anyone, regardless of the situation. However, if you want a slightly more personal and colorful option, choose for yourself a blue, green or, for example, checkered umbrella. For example, an umbrella with a checkered pattern originating from Scotland brings the finishing touch to the gentleman's style even in the worst weather.

The folding umbrella with a metal handle works perfectly for the busy and always on the go travel. The folding umbrella takes up little space and is easy to pack for every trip. This umbrella is a great choice when practicality is important.  

Two people can easily fit under the long umbrella with a wooden handle to protect themselves from the rain, even if necessary. The wooden handle definitely gives the umbrella the final touch in style and dignity in appearance. 

The design of the shade must be classic and the understated, stylish ensemble will surely work year after year and will never go out of style. 

Tip for neat storage:
Grab the shade from above and roll the shade in your hands downwards towards the bottom edge of the shade so that the fabric goes to the right places from its folds. This way you can roll the shadow tightly and neatly. kestävä sateenvarjo

INCE Umbrellas - Britain's oldest umbrella manufacturer

Boutique shades are by Ince Umbrella and they are unmatched. Ince Umbrellas has been operating for six generations since 1805. A small family business in England that produced the highest quality craftsmanship. Their specialty is top-quality umbrellas, which are made with respect for tradition, complete care and craftsmanship in East London.

Ince Umbrellas proudly holds the title of England's oldest umbrella manufacturer, still developing its products and bringing to the market more and more stylish umbrellas.

With over 215 years of experience, the ethical Ince Umbrellas manufactures its products from carefully considered materials, favoring local production. The best possible materials guarantee the durability and comfort of use of the shades. The materials are procured from nearby areas, ensuring and promoting a sustainable development supply chain.

Ince Umbrellas has been providing customers around the world with protection from wind and gusts for over 200 years, making strong and stylish men's umbrellas that you can be proud to own. Convinced of its product, Ince promises its customers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. 

In the boutique you can find wonderful Ince Ubrella high-quality umbrellas to best suit every style and situation. A black metal or wooden shade is a timeless classic. A blue or green shade brings a touch of color and freshness to dressing up and gloomy weather. After all, an umbrella also works as an accessory of its own. Get to know the boutique's wide and high-quality selection of Ince umbrellas.

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