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Article: Using a fountain pen

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Using a fountain pen

A fountain pen is a classically elegant gentleman's pen that is kept on display on the desk or always used on important occasions, such as when signing contracts. At its best, a fountain pen works almost as an accessory that tells about the stylishness of its wearer.

The use of the fountain pen started long before the ballpoint pen and its wonderful technology, piston pump mechanism or alternatively the use of ink tanks is still a great invention.

For example, a fountain pen differs from a very popular ballpoint pen, of course, by the completely different tip of the pen, but also by the ink used in it. Each fountain pen is water-soluble and runny, and the ballpoint pens are sticky and thicker, which often feels like they are smearing when writing. 

In use, the fountain pen's strength and definitely the best advantage compared to other pens is how easy it is to write. You don't have to press the pen against the paper at all, but the ink flows out of the pen smoothly and lightly when writing with it. As you read further, you will also notice how easy and effortless it is to take care of a fountain pen or fill it properly! So, even for those who write a lot, a fountain pen is a great option that will last a long time.


A fountain pen is a classic

With industrialization in the 19th century, the fountain pen, or in other words the fountain pen or reservoir pen, was born to replace the fountain pen that had been used for a long time. Before this, a large part of the population didn't even have a need to write, and there were hardly any demands for the ease or comfort of using a pen.

During the 19th century, several fountain pens using different techniques were seen, but the biggest problem with the use of a reservoir pen seemed to be the flow of ink to the tip of the pen, and thus many fountain pen versions quickly left the market. It wasn't until the end of the 19th century that a solution to this problem was invented, which was a casting channel, i.e. a feeder used to regulate the flow and meltability of the ink. And this is how the mass production of fountain pens began in 1884 with the example of the patented technology of the Waterman's pen brand.

However, the use of fountain pens decreased again significantly after ballpoint pens became common in the 1960s. Nowadays, the fountain pen is making a comeback, as it is both a stylish and ecologically more sustainable solution than many disposable ballpoint pens. The ease of use of the fountain pen is also unparalleled, and many who have tried the pen in question never want to go back to other pens. 

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Changing fountain pen ink

The ink supply of the fountain pen takes place either with an ink cartridge or with a piston pump mechanism. 

A cartridge is a disposable container designed for a fountain pen, the seal of which is broken when the container is pressed into place in the pen. You can clearly feel the seal breaking when you press the container into place. The color of the cap on the other end of the tank indicates whether the ink in that tank is black or blue. 

The ink cartridges are of standard size, but it is worth noting that, for example, Parker brand pen manufacturers use their own standards and these ink tanks may not fit all pens. You should either take the pen with you when buying a new ink cartridge or choose a cartridge marked as a standard size.

A submersible piston tank that works with a piston pump mechanism, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose tank that is always refilled directly from the ink bottle. The tank has a piston that moves by rotating the end. The piston is first pulled to the bottom, after which the end of the tank is dipped into the ink of the ink bottle. The piston is turned up until it has sucked the tank full of ink again.  The submersible piston tank can be reinserted, just like a normal ink cartridge 

Note! It is important to be careful when choosing ink, because it is not suitable to use calligraphy ink in a fountain pen, as it is too thick for a fountain pen.

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Instructions for fountain pen maintenance

A fountain pen is a valuable object that lasts well if you take care of it.

Despite common expectations, maintenance of the pen is very easy, as it does not require any special measures. Dried ink or possible other problems are often solved by just running lukewarm water through the tip of the fountain pen.

You should still take care not to let the fountain pen freeze, because the ink often does not survive freezing, and the wood used for the pen, as a natural material, often does not behave well after freezing either.

James Gilbert wooden pencils

In the selection of boutiques, you can find one more wonderful wooden pencils than the other. The pens, made by hand from different types of wood, are beautiful in their own right and each one is unique in its own way. In addition to fountain pens, the selection also includes many ballpoint pens, the ink of which can also be replaced as long as it runs out after 2-3 km of writing.
The spectrum of woodworkers includes everything from the beautiful golden golden rain bush, to the almost black oak that is more than 6000 years old. 

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