High quality winter gloves

High-quality winter gloves are recognizable by their high-quality leather, durable craftsmanship and meticulous details. The material for good quality gloves is sheep or deer leather, while the inner lining is heated by a 100% wool fabric. Occasionally, wool is also found in the outer lining of a glove in combination with leather, but different types of leather are not usually combined.

This writing uses the Chester Jefferies gloves found on the Boutique side as an example.

Chester Jefferies is a traditional English glove manufacturer that has been in business since 1936. All of its production is really purely in England. Some of CJ's gloves are even decorated with hand-sewn stitching. In hand-stitching gloves, you distinguish machine stitching from a larger stitch and a very very small asymmetry, which is called the handwriting of its maker. The handicraft belongs and gets to be seen!

Chester Jefferies uses handmade stitches in some of the gloves, such as the red stitching in the black deerskin glove shown in the picture.


Glove leather matters

Of course, leather is of great importance in a high-quality winter glove. Either sheepskin or deerskin is often used in the classic winter glove. So what separates the skins? Deer skin is slightly thicker and more vivid in surface texture and appearance. The sheepskin is almost very soft and the surface of the leather is really smooth and smooth.

Due to the thickness of the deerskin, there is also often a stylistic difference between the finishes. Thanks to this stylish difference, the deerskin glove also leaves a slightly bigger space for your fingers, so for example, a deerskin glove is the best choice for a long-fingered one!

Leather also has a slight price difference, which of course can also be seen as a difference in the price of finished gloves, and a deerskin glove is a bit more expensive than a similar glove made of sheepskin.

Pictured are light brown, slightly thicker deerskin winter gloves from Chester Jefferies. Note the stronger texture of the leather compared to sheepskin and seams sewn outwards. This pair of gloves also features the hand-stitched seams mentioned earlier.

Chester Jefferies hansikkaat

Leather glove wool lining

Winter gloves need to have a decent lining to keep them warm enough even in the cold. Wool lining is mainly used in leather gloves, but silk lining is also sometimes encountered. It is not recommended to use non-breathable and comfortable natural materials in high-quality gloves, as they prevent sweating and keep your hands warm and dry. In premium gloves, the lining is never glued to the glove but is detached from the leather and sewn only from the seams. This allows the mountain to form in the hand. it does not tear at its joints but moves more freely with the hand.

tweed nahkahanskat

A glove from a glove is a guarantee of quality

Premium, handmade gloves have a detail that is often left out altogether in cheap production. This particular detail is the so-called a piece with a diamond or salmia pattern sewn between the fingers. However, this small piece of leather, which may not seem like a big deal, improves the fit of the glove and prolongs its life considerably.

It is definitely worth paying attention to other smaller details when buying a high-quality glove, such as the possible button fastening on the glove arm

Chester Jefferies gloves also have a piece of leather added to the inside to give super important durability to the button fastening. When a button is opened and closed whenever the glove is worn and removed, it must take thousands of times to open and close. This little piece of supportive leather promotes just that durability!

The picture below clearly shows a small piece of leather with a stitch pattern sewn between the fingers of the glove, which promotes the fit of the glove and prolongs its life.

timanttipala kertoo laadukkaasta hanskasta

Choosing the right glove size

Finding the right size is easy when fitting gloves. When the winter glove is full-skinned (except for the lining), you should always choose the size that feels a little tight at first. A little tight means that the fingers of the glove are long enough but otherwise the leather feels tight all around the hand. Leather is a great material that shapes with the shape of your hand and “fits like a glove.”

If the glove you choose is only partially leather, for example leather on the palm side and wool on the back of the palm, it is a good idea to choose a glove that fits perfectly as it is. Of course, even a partially woolen glove adapts slightly in use, but not as much as a full-grain glove.

Leather Glove Care and Care

The care of a leather glove is very important as it makes the glove virtually eternal. Glove maintenance works on the same principles as any other leather product.

The skin should be cleaned with either water or mild soapy water, but soaking should be avoided. However, if for one reason or another, it is advisable to dry the leather slowly at room temperature, ie do not lift the leather gloves onto the radiator to dry.

Winter gloves made of leather should also be greased in the same way as leather shoes or bags. Lightly go through the gloves with a colorless skin care product, a cloth or sponge to apply the skin. It is a good idea to allow the greased leather glove to dry for a day at room temperature before putting it back into use.

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