The best tie knot - Full Windsor

I use a lot of ties myself, because I think it's a traditional point over i in neat dress. Of course, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to dress a degree more stylish.

A tie is a classic accessory that everyone is sure to attach to a stylish dress. Even today, the best holidays are still solemnly dressed in a tie. The tie really crowns the way I live. When used with a suit, the tie brings the final touch to the party, but the tie works great to bring a touch of classicity to a casual outfit, even when worn with a jacket or vest.

In my opinion, the best tie knot for everyday use is the so-called Full Windsor, or French knot. The knot is symmetrical, which is what pleases me the most. In addition, it is well suited for a wide collar as well as narrower ties.

The image above shows the full Windsor on my neck as I write this.

Full Windsor, easy and fast

1. Place the wide end of the tie on the left side, the wrong side towards the neck.
2. Measure the short and long sections so that the long section is about twice as short as the narrower side.
3. Just move the wide head when you tie the tie. Start knotting by moving the wide end over the narrow side to the right.
4. Pull the wide end from below through the formed loop.
5. Take the wide head down to the left.
6. Turn the wide end to the left below the knot. The wide half of the tie is now inside out.
7. Take the wide head up.
8. Pass the wide end of the loop through to the right. The end of the tie is now upside down.
9. Take the wide end over the narrow head to the left.
10. Bring the tie up, from the back of the knot.
11. Bring the wide end down from the front of the knot and thread it through the loop you just made.
12. Tighten the tie.

If and when it's harder to read the instructions, I'll embed the following video from Youtube here.