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Article: The purpose of the handkerchief

Taskuliinan tarkoitus

The purpose of the handkerchief

Handkerchief's roots go all the way back to the 15th century, when the use of handkerchief became more common. The handkerchief is said to have been with Richard II "for wiping his nose". At that time, the upper class also covered their noses with a cloth when walking among the crowd, because hygiene was quite poor at that time. I.e. the handkerchief was originally a handkerchief.

The handkerchief has always been a rather luxurious sign of wealth and status, so it has also always been decorative and made of luxurious material, such as silk. But the handkerchief was only moved to the breast pocket in the 19th century after the two-piece suit became common. The handkerchief was not wanted to get dirty with coins and other dirty objects in the pocket. A dirty handkerchief then - and not even now - is never seen as dirty.

Handkerchiefs have always been made in both colorful and plain colors. In the past, it was also customary to make intricate embroidery on handkerchiefs, but nowadays it is rare to come across a hand-embroidered handkerchief. Of course, even today, a gentleman can embroider his pocket square with initials, for example, at a local seamstress.

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Choosing a handkerchief for the occasion

When choosing a handkerchief, you should primarily pay attention to the occasion where you plan to use it. Multi-colored and colorful handkerchiefs are better to use at the most informal parties, but for example, at strictly formal parties, a monochromatic handkerchief, for example white or black, is used. A handkerchief is meant to bring color like many other accessories, so you don't have to be too timid with it. If you otherwise don't dare to bring color to your outfit, a handkerchief is the surest way to do it.

Handkerchiefs are made from pure natural materials such as silk, cotton or linen. This is largely due to its decorative nature. Boutique handkerchiefs are always made of either silk or linen. All handkerchiefs in the boutique are made in Italy.

However, it is good to have a few handkerchiefs in the accessory closet, so that you can combine suitable outfits with them and find the right one according to the situation. You should match the same colors from the handkerchief to a scarf, socks or shirt. Of course, depending on your civilian courage, you can apply different colors to all your accessories, but you may find many opinions with the end result.

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Handkerchief that always goes with you

Because nothing is wiped on a handkerchief these days, it is customary in Reykjavik District coats to make a "handkerchief" by turning the pocket up. Their jackets and waistcoats have handmade buttons, often with one or two buttons made of the same fabric, which is a fun detail. Many Italian jackets, on the other hand, come with a ready-made handkerchief, which is usually the same fabric as the lining of the sleeves. In these jackets, it is usually customary to turn one or both sleeves inside out, which creates a fun contrast and shows the same fabric as the handkerchief.

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