Shaving foam easily

A first-time wet rider is wondering how to get just the right kind of foam from the shaving cream. However, a wide variety of tipping and cups for foaming are sold, but how to know when the foam is appropriate. On the other hand, it is also often asked what kind of flotation bowl to get started with. Here's my experience with wet driving.

Wet shaving therefore means shaving or trimming with a planer, shave or knife. It doesn’t really matter in this subject whether you use a disposable planer or a handmade knife from Thiers-Issard. The main idea is to find an easy way to make a usable shaving foam.

The first step is to water the wolf properly and shake the biggest waters from the wolves. Then lather from the shaving cream to the wolf's head. About ten spins are enough for this in the case of hard soap and quite a few spins in the case of a soft cream. As long as soap is clearly visible at the end of the wolf. So now Suti is in shooting condition.

Then flotation itself. I started making the first foams in the frothing bowl myself, but I often wondered why the foam dries on my face and had to do a little research. My own rule of thumb is that the foam is too thinly foamed if it dries on the face while driving. You will notice this when you feel that the foam has dried on your face and it feels like there is no shaving foam at all. Here it may come to mind that the wolf has been dry. At least this came to my mind. But the real problem is that not enough foaming has been done and the foam is too thin and dries quickly.

The right foam feels like a whipped whipped cream. A good way for a beginner is to froth the shaving foam in your hand. So make a cup with one hand and beat the wolf in a rotating motion. The foam drips over your hand, but you can wipe it back in the middle. In any case, when frothing by hand, you know the composition of the foam best all the time. Another advantage of manual flotation is a less expensive option than a flotation bowl. Note that although the foam comes immediately after just a few spins, it is not yet a thick foam but a thin one that dries on the face. Proper shaving takes at least a few minutes, and the good thing about proper shaving is that a surprisingly small amount of shaving cream is enough.

One way is to lather the shaving cream in your own bowl. I think this is a bad habit as it consumes soap or lotion unnecessarily. Instead, if the bowl has a separate lid, it can be used for flotation. However, the lids are usually completely smooth, so foaming is slow. When frothing with the palm of your hand, hand wrinkles significantly speed up foaming.

Then just drive!