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Article: Shaving foam easily

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Shaving foam easily

A first-time wet shaver ponders how to lather shaving cream into just the right lather. However, we sell many kinds of kippo and cups for foaming, but how do you know when the foam is suitable. On the other hand, people often ask what kind of frothing bowl to start with. Here is my own experience of wet driving for wet ears.

Wet shaving therefore refers to shaving or trimming performed with a planer, shaver or knife. In this topic, it doesn't really matter whether you use a disposable planer or a Thiers-Issard handmade knife. The idea is mainly to find an easy way to make usable shaving foam.

The first step is to water the wool properly and shake off the biggest water from the wool. Then I lathered soap on my head from the shaving cream. About ten spins are enough for this if it is a hard soap and just a few spins if it is a soft cream. As long as soap is clearly visible on the wolf's head. So now the gun is ready to shoot.

Then to the foaming itself. I started making the first foams myself in the foaming bowl, but I often wondered why the foam dries on the face and had to do a little research. My rule of thumb is that the foam is too thin if it dries on the face while driving. You notice this when you feel like the foam has dried to your face while driving and it feels like there is no shaving foam at all. Here you may remember that the wool has been dry. At least this came to my mind. But the problem is really that the foaming has not been done enough, the foam is too thin and dries quickly.

A suitable foam feels the same in the hand as a really thick whipped cream. A good way for a beginner is to lather shaving foam in the hand. So make a cup with the other hand and beat the wolf in a circular motion. The foam runs over the hand, but you can wipe it back to the center with a sponge. In any case, when foaming in your hand, you feel the composition of the foam best all the time. Another advantage of manual foaming is a cheaper alternative than a foaming bowl. Note that even though the foam comes immediately after a few spins, it is not yet a thick foam but a thin one that dries on the face. Proper lathering takes at least a few minutes, and the good thing about proper lathering is that it only takes a surprisingly small amount of shaving cream.

One way is to lather the shaving cream in its own bowl. I think this is a bad way because it uses up too much soap or lotion. Instead, if the bowl has a separate lid, it can be used for frothing. However, the lids are usually completely smooth, so foaming happens slowly. When foaming with the palm, the folds of the hand significantly speed up the foaming.

 Then just ride!

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