The shirt gets out of the pants to bag? The solution is shirt holders

NV Holders shirt holders (or shirt holders) are designed to hold the shirt in your pants imperceptibly. For anyone who has worn a collared shirt, it is certainly a familiar problem that the shirt rises from the pants while raising the hand above shoulder height. The shirt should then be stuffed back into the trousers, which is annoying, doesn't look very stylish, and without a mirror it remains unclear what the end result will look like.

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NV Holders was born out of the need to come up with a solution for a bagged shirt

NV Holders was born when Slovenian Nik Vene got tired of stressing his pants ugly shirt. And so, as a result of the thoughtful product development, NV Holders was born, which, after a few experiments, was shaped into its current model.

NV Holders' shirt holders work by placing them around the thighs and attaching the three clips that leave them to the shirt so that one comes to the front, the other to the back and the third directly to the side. The principle of operation of the shirt holders is very simple: the three fasteners are flexible when you raise your hand and pull the shirt back down into place while lowering your hand.

paidanpidike estää paidan pusittamisen Do NV Holders work with all shirts?

Yes! Shirt holders can be used with all types of shirts as they are attached to the hem of the shirt with crimp fasteners. All three fasteners are also adjustable, so there will be no problem with shirt beads of different lengths or shapes. So shirt holders can be used with t-shirts as well as collared or pique shirts.

Shirt holders are especially helpful with custom shirts with an extended shirt hem. This extension is a good idea, but the end result is that the hem of the shirt rises more from the pants and it is even harder to penetrate back into the pants than the short hem.

Sometimes you hear that a custom shirt doesn’t come off your pants, but this is not the case. All collared shirts rise from the pants, as raising the forearm above shoulder height pulls the fabric up from under the armpit and around the shoulder allowing the hem of the shirt to move along. A shirt where the hem would not rise would require a large bag around the shoulder, after which the shirt would not sit at all. You can try this concretely even right away if you read this article on the shirt on.

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Choosing the right shirt holder size

NV Holder size selection is easy. Measure the circumference of the thighs above the knee from the point where the thigh begins to widen clearly, ie from the point where the thigh muscle widens. Below this wider point is the shirt holder.

Dimensions of NV Folders:

S / M size: less than 57cm

L / XL size: 58-65cm

XXL / XXXL size: 66-75cm paidanpidikkeet paidan pussitukseen

Shirt Holders Comfort

When you see the picture of the shirt holders, the question of their comfort is sure to arise. And after the first use, the shirt holders may feel a little strange when you feel a light squeeze around the foot, but you get used to the feeling really quickly. Getting used to NV Holders is comparable to putting the watch in your hand for the first time or a ring on your finger, the skin alienating both for a while but soon you will no longer notice or even think about either.

The "elastic band" placed around the thighs is pleasantly soft and fabric-covered, so it doesn't sweat or tear hair. Going to the toilet is also usually easy with the shirt holders in place, so you don't have to worry about that either.

It is also often asked if the shirt holder shows through or is noticed by others.But no, NV Holders don't show through your pants, wearing them doesn't even show up with a thin summer suit with a very light fabric. pants down.