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With this umbrella you will meet rainstorms in style. These Ince Umbrellas umbrellas are of excellent durability and quality. They are made with centuries of experience from the finest materials, perfectly handcrafted in England.

This very beautiful navy blue umbrella is assembled around a beech wood handle, the fabric of the shade is made of durable, water-repellent polyester-cotton fabric. The gorgeous chestnut handle in Italian craftsmanship crowns all the splendor! Decorations in gun metal gray.

Length: 91cm

Shadow diameter: 106cm

Made by hand in England, England.

Ince Umbrellas is from 1805 , a small family business in England that has produced the highest quality handicrafts for six generations. Top-quality umbrellas are made with the utmost care, respecting old traditions and craftsmanship in East London. The materials are sourced from neighboring areas, ensuring and promoting a sustainable supply chain.

Ince Umbrellas has been providing protection from wind and blizzards for over 200 years, making strong and stylish gentlemen's umbrellas that can be proudly owned.

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