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Vautsi! Large, dark brown leather weekend bag from Tuscany Leather, Italy.

This handmade bag, made of really stylish, vibrant and matte leather, is compact yet spacious. It holds everything you need inside and is just the right size for hand luggage if you travel by plane. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it effortlessly on your shoulder.

The gorgeous Oslo weekend bag is top quality and very practical. Tuscany Leather Weekend Bags are very durable and only get better over time as the leather patinates beautifully. The bag is made of genuine calfskin and is handmade in Italy. The stylish details are designed for a timeless spirit and bring out the wonderfully toned leather even more beautifully.

The inside of the bag is lined with thick cotton fabric. There is a zippered pocket on one side and two open side pockets on the opposite side.

We recommend treating your leather bag with a skin care product about a couple of times a year that moisturizes the skin and keeps it good from year to year.

Dimensions: 53cm x 30cm x 25.50cm

Learn more about the story of Tuscany Leather here!

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