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The timelessly stylish blue suit from the Reykjavik District is the perfect choice for a gentleman's party attire.

This incredibly stunning suit is made from top quality REDA wool fabric that is popular with wearers around the world. The fabric feels silky smooth, very light and breathable, so this suit works great for all summer parties. The light, breathable and wonderfully smooth material guarantees excellent comfort.

The finished and well-groomed print can be seen from afar.

The well-fitting and classic design of the Reykjavik District suits is perfect for many body models. The pants in the suit come in full length so we always wear the pants with a tailor so we get the perfect length. Customization is free.

Color: Blue.

Material: 100% wool.

Reykjavik District is a small garment sewing company, each garment is made in very small quantities. This allows for more varied options for dressing and for the dresser to always have their own individuality, these are not walked against several on the street and are not mass produced.

Discover the collaboration between us and the Reykjavik District

The handmade costumes made by the Reykjavik District exude quality and satisfaction.

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