Collared shirts

The collared shirt is definitely one of the classics of dressing and at the same time the cornerstone of the wardrobe. A high-quality collared shirt lasts from one wash to another.

Collared shirts can be found from side to side. The absolute classic, of course, is the white collared shirt. The white collared shirt is suitable for any occasion and is definitely the right choice for a party. The white collared shirt always works with a dark suit. With the blue collared shirt, you get a nice color to the whole, for example with a loose jacket. There is a difference in the fabrics of the collared shirts, some are clearly more festive and others go well into more casual wear. Small details, such as different colored buttons, give a new look to your traditional collared shirt.

When choosing a collared shirt, consider the thickness of the fabric. If you are sensitive to sweating, you should choose a thin collared shirt. In summer, a thinner collared shirt is definitely more comfortable to wear and breathes better. The thicker cotton fabric in the shirt is, of course, always a little warmer, so this kind of shirt is great for winter wear.

For example, a high-quality cotton fabric can be identified by what the wash label says about ironing. If the shirt is recommended to be ironed over low heat, it indicates that the fabric is of good quality.

When choosing a collared shirt collar model

There are many different types of collars in collared shirts. The type of collar should be chosen according to both the occasion and your own preference. Typically, the collared shirt has traditional collars with either hard collars or soft collars. Hard collars are more solemn and do not wrinkle and the majority of traditional collared shirts are such. The Cutaway collared shirt has slightly smaller collars and is more open than a traditional collared shirt. In our selection of Bronx shirts the collars are small and often this collared shirt is kept one button open. Mandarin collar is a collared shirt with no collars at all, but the collar shirt rises only slightly to the neck. The collared shirts can also be found with collars that have a button fastening to the collars, i.e. the button down collar , this brings a nice detail to the collared shirt and is best suited for everyday use.

Play with patterns

A patterned collared shirt can be a colorful and bold print shirt that brings out the personality of the dresser. The collared shirt can be colored and even with a small pattern you get a new look to the whole. The patterned collared shirt also works great as such, for example as a friend of the chinas. Feel free to try on a colorful collared shirt, the ensemble works great when you wear solid color pants and even a sweater as a friend. The bold collared shirt works great with a restrained little jacket, for example. The patterned collared shirt works great with a one-color jacket.

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